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How Tight Should Hiking Boots Be?

Figuring out if the hiking boots you are trying on are going to be too tight can be hard to do. Finding good help can be even harder when store salespeople and chatbots are trying to get you to buy as their top priority. This guide will help you by laying out proper tightness and […]

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How to Tell if Hiking Boots are Too Big

If you are looking for help deciding if your boots are too big they must be pretty close. Hopefully, the information I put together will help you figure it out. If you still aren’t sure, feel free to post a comment and I’ll try to help. Your Boots Might Be Too Large If: Common Questions: […]

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Do Hiking Boots Stretch?

Do Hiking Boots Stretch

Do hiking boots stretch or will yours remain the same shape from your first hike to your last? These are the questions we’re hoping to answer today.

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