The Best Hiking Boots Reviews and Advice

Hiking Boots Advice & Tips

Whether you’re a hiking novice or a grizzled outdoor veteran, it is imperative that you have a quality pair of hiking boots in your arsenal.

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Hiking Boots Reviews

The ever-increasing popularity of hiking means there are literally thousands of pairs of boots to choose from, which can make searching for the right pair for you more than a little stressful.


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The kinds of questions you can expect to find answers to here are things like which hiking boots will be the best for a given style of hike or location? How should I pick boots, break them in, and take care of them? Some of the answers will be general in nature and some will include opinions that is what I discovered in my own research. In cases where there is a specific pair of boots or some other gear that stands out I’ll try to link directly to a place where you can buy one for yourself.

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